Home Improvements Need Permit & HOA Approval – Roof, Siding, etc.

Any home improvements including, but not limited to, new roofs, siding, swimming pools, fences and painting, all require written approval from the HOA Board. This requirement is clearly documented in the HOA Protective Covenants which can be found on this website.
*City Fee for Roofing*
Chapter 9, Section 7, A1-4 of the Johns Creek Code decrees that anyone adding a new roof to their home must obtain a permit and pay $75 to the city.

Several area residents were surprised by this charge affecting roof installation and were forced to stop their projects until the fees were paid. Failure to acquire and post the permit will result in a “stop work” order until the permit is posted and a minimum $50 fine is paid. A city employee is supposed to inspect the roof upon its completion, though what happens if the roof is found unsatisfactory is unclear.

The same system is in place for adding a swimming pool or any other improvement to your home. Fees may vary.